imageWelcome!  I thank the universe for whatever storms that may have helped you to find your way to Angels Harbour.

I live in Ireland and in the Irish language Angels Harbour is known as Cuan Aingeal.

Over the last number of years I’ve yearned to create a safe space where people could come to, in order to connect with other like minded souls for the good of all concerned. I’m delighted to share with you that my heart-felt yearning has manifested into Angels Harbour.

I am a partner, daughter, sister, auntie, cousin, mother of a wonderful adult son, and mother-in-law to his lovely wife.  I also have an adorable granddaughter.  I am most fortunate because I have great neighbours and colleagues in my immediate world; and a broad circle of friends right across the globe.

I’ve had many strange and wonderful career opportunities in my life to -date. In the early years I was involved in the music business; and some years later, I worked in aviation.  Two decades ago I qualified as a psychotherapist, and for a number of years I worked in the area of substance misuse; mental health promotion and suicide prevention. In more recent years I’ve been working in healthcare audit.  I’m currently working as a healthcare professional, in the area of quality improvement.

I have a well founded belief in spirituality which is rooted in love and compassion; and also a myriad of various lived experiences. I am passionate about helping other people in all walks of life, which I believe is a central part of my life’s journey.

In my experience, when life appears to churn up difficulties, I have found that it can be a great opportunity for positive change and growth.

I also know from my own journey and the depths of my soul that there is no such thing as a hopeless case. 🙏🏻