Living life on God’s terms

It was only when I gave myself permission to ‘stop’ that I realised how tired my body and mind had become in recent times.  In the busyness of working 9-5, it’s all too easy to simply exist on automatic pilot; and  that’s no way to live one’s life!

imageIn having some time to reflect over the Christmas and New Year period, I really connected to how quickly life is passing by. Although I’ve had this awareness numerous times before, it once again occured to me that it’s easier to be emotionally detached from life when we’re busy, or when there’s a daily schedule to be adhered to, but that’s not the way that I want to live my life.

After the last week or so of winding down, I’m absolutely clear that I want to make time to smell the proverbial roses. I don’t want to sleepwalk through the rest of my life. I did more than enough of that in my youth and in my early adulthood.  image

So, how then can I be more present to myself, and to those I love and care about?

It seems to me that a good place to start is to actually make a conscious decision and commitment to myself to slow down. But then my ego is quick to remind me that there ain’t a lot of “brownie points” in  the “real world” for slowing down; however, my wise self was waiting for that unwanted observation and promptly responded with ……..”who cares about that illusion” – because in fact that’s what “busyness” is really all about…….it’s nothing more than illusion in all its various guises – control, self-importance, productiveness. The fact is that if we took our last breath this very moment, the world would carry on without us. The sun will set this evening and it will rise in the morning regardless of how busy any of us have been in our lifetime. The seasons will continue to come and go and the world will keep on turning. That’s how silly ‘control’, self-importance’ and ‘productiveness’ is in the big scheme of things.

It’s been a number of years now since I first became disciplined enough to put the reins on my own dance with ‘busyness’ in an attempt to make time, on a daily basis, to connect with God. During the last year I’ve been making even more of an effort to include God in every aspect of my life; however, I’m also aware that because I’m human, I don’t always make sure that my time with God is a top priority every single day. It’s been my experience that those days are never as joyful or peaceful for me as the days when I make a conscious decision to  be mindful of the will of God and strive to live my life accordingly.


There’s no doubt in my mind that my efforts to align myself with God and his plan for me have a direct impact on the quality of my day; but yet, I still have a tendency to come up with numerous excuses as to why God and his work for me can’t possibly be my top priority. That’s how powerful, convincing and deluded the ego can be!

I’ve often found that it can take what appears to be a negative experience e.g. health concerns related to myself or a loved one before I’ll actually give myself permission to slow down.  So, in a roundabout way, a negative occurrence can turn out to be a gift because it has the potential to bring ‘us’ to a halt, and in doing so it provides an opportunity for us to see the bigger picture.

I refer to ‘us’ because even though I’m talking about my own experience, and we’re all individuals, there are also a huge number of similarities when it comes to the human experience of life’s journey. When I have found myself in the midst of what could be deemed to be a negative experience, it’s been extremely helpful for me to stand back, and in as far as possible, go with the flow of life, rather than constantly battling against it.

It’s easier to take advantage of such negative experiences if what’s happened doesn’t have a personal impact on us; but even when it does bring us to our knees, it’s still possible to take the relevant learning onboard and make different choices going forward.

I’ll end with this wise verse by Mooji…..

A voice we may trust…
“The most important thing in life
is to wake up to who you truly are.
You are not merely a personal being;
you are the living spirit of Truth.
You are the light of consciousness revealing all.
You are the perceiving presence
devoid of desire and attachment.
You are the wisdom and love
that shines from the source of existence.
You are unborn Awareness.” 🙏🏻


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