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As a younger woman, I had many experiences of perceiving and feeling that I was unworthy, which resulted in feelings of devastation, rejection, hurt and sadness.  Those highly charged emotional experiences significantly contributed to two life-threatening illnesses.  I feel incredibly fortunate at this stage in my life to be able to declare that those experiences and feelings are in the past, and have no place in my future.

By refusing to live in the past, and having the willingness to live in the present moment, we provide ourselves with an excellent opportunity to plant seeds for the creation of happiness. 0785D2FC-7212-414F-91DE-2F2AB2570C75

In my own case, a perceived sense of unworthiness would generally start out as a small resentment but would end up all-consuming.  As the years have gone by, I’ve come to the realisation that being ‘unable’ or ‘unwilling’ to let go of negative feelings is like brewing poison and drinking it oneself.

In many ways, we’re programmed to view perceived hurts as being entirely the “fault”  of other people.  It begins by not feeling good about something or other, which feels too painful or uncomfortable for us to sit with it, and so we project it outwards onto another human being.  In other words, it becomes another person’s fault because, in the short term, it can be an easier option emotionally than taking personal responsibility for what’s happening in our life.


This last year has been a real roller coaster of feelings.  One of the most joyous experiences life offered was the arrival of a perfect and beautiful granddaughter.  But, life also threw up some heartbreaking losses in a number of different forms.

Over the last year, I’ve found that many days have been difficult but manageable.  I’ve also noticed that ‘loss’ seems to raise its head and take centre stage when it’s time for so-called “special occasions” like Birthdays, Christmas, and other occasions that we’re primed to celebrate. I’m using the word “primed” intentionally because most well-known occasions in life now are commercialised to a suffocating degree.

It seems that Christmas is just over when the advertising begins for St. Valentine’s Day, and then Mother’s and Father’s Day.  We’re bombarded with advertising about these special occasions, and it’s easy to become brainwashed into thinking that if people in our life don’t honour special occasions there must be something wrong with us, or, that we’re lacking in one way or another – or simply “unworthy” of attention.  On a logical level, most of us can see that this is nothing other than effective advertising but that level of common sense isn’t always translated on an emotional level, and consequently, we can find ourselves run ragged by feelings which are based on what may well be an ill-informed or dodgy set of beliefs and perceptions.

The feelings associated with not receiving the message, or card or gift, or whatever it is that’s associated with the special occasion are based on a belief which informs our perception of what’s happening.  If we’re to change our feelings, we need to begin by exploring the beliefs that inform our perceptions.  We need to BELIEVE that we’re worthy rather than buying into advertising and marketing campaigns and other people’s reactions or lack of them.

If someone we care about forgets, chooses not to acknowledge or doesn’t feel able to wish us well on any special occasion – we need to learn that this has nothing to do with us. When we choose to think otherwise, we’re just running on a programme that’s been installed in our unconscious through years of conditioning and has been reaffirmed in more recent times through highly effective advertising campaigns.


Dr Joe Dispenza

“Where we place our attention is where we place our energy.”

Last weekend I attended an amazing and liberating workshop facilitated by Dr Joe Dispenza, where he emphasised that thoughts become matter; and he described ‘attitudes’ as: “Group of thoughts and feelings clustered in habitual sequences creating a ‘State of Being’.”  

He also described how the body becomes the mind when: “Feelings become the means of thinking; you can’t think greater than how you feel; you are addicted to an emotion; you’ve neurochemically memorised an emotion that is now part of your personality.”   Our reality is created by beliefs and perceptions, thoughts and feelings. “To change our perceptions, beliefs and attitudes means to change our thoughts and feelings.”

So – if we want to change our perceptions, beliefs and attitudes about ‘special occasions, we need to change our thoughts and feelings about those occasions or events and figure out what we’ve been “unconsciously agreeing to” all these years.

If there’s a special occasion that we believe is worthy of celebrating, and if we’re disappointed because someone we love or care about in our  life doesn’t take part in that celebration – we have two choices; we can either be miserable and become a victim of the situation, or, we can enjoy the event, honour ourselves in some special way and be grateful for the wonderful people in our life that are available to celebrate with us.

When we place our attention on being ‘included’ and engage with ‘elevated emotions’ such as Joy, Gratitude, Appreciation, Love, Awe and Delight – we’re celebrating our desire for ‘inclusion’ because, energetically, we’re drawing it closer to us, and consequently, there’s a much greater chance of this reality manifesting for us.

If we’re to change our belief system and perceptions – we need to make a decision with firm intention so that our choice carries an extremely high level of energy – it needs to be far greater than the “hardwired programs of the brain and emotional addiction of the body.”   For anyone not familiar with Dr Joe Dispenza’s work – a book worth reading is: ‘Breaking the Habit of Being YourselfHow to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One’ 

Tuning into a new destiny and a happier way of being is made possible by taking personal responsibility, working on ourselves, integrating love, kindness and gratitude into everything we do.  It’s important to take time daily to clarify and set our intention/s and also to identify and focus on the elevated emotions necessary for a changed state of being.  We need to be the change we want to see in the world that surrounds us.


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  • Andrew
    1 year ago

    Very insightfully written as the guardian of the truth that you are, Caroline xxx

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